Welcome to the cork world!

We are happy to work with a natural and environmental friendly raw-material.

Cork comes from nature!

Cork is a natural product.  The ancient Romans used it as the first wine stoppers! Cork comes from the outer bark of the Oak Tree,  Querqus Suber, which grows in large quantities in Mediterranic area of Portugal and Spain mostly, and Algeria, Morocco and Sardinia.
Every 9 or 10 years the bark is harvested in slabs, but this process would not damage the tree, which will survive for more than 200 years.
Also the Cork tree forests are protected by Portuguese laws, since 1320!
Cork properties comes from a cellular structure of hollow, 14 sided cells with strong walls.
Cork with his inherent substance, Suberin, is protected against insects, termites and microbial activity. Cork is also,  fire resistant and inhibitor, stopping the spread of flames,  without  toxic gases on combustion.  
Nowadays, Cork applications are endless.
Beside Cork Stoppers for wine and champagne bottles, cork are often used in a large line of products, such as Kitchenware, gifts, shoe industry, bulletin boards, wall and floor tiles coverings, underlayment, insulation slabs for the refrigeration industry, upholstery, grips or handles for fishing rods, and many other products.

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