Cortimarco - The Cork experts

We are manufacturers and exporters of a lot of articles made in Cork, for many purposes and applications.

Our production is only sold to importers and wholesalers from all over the world and is growing every year.

New resellers and experienced sales representative are welcome.


 CORKWOOD - Cork raw-material.

 CORK SPECIALTIES/GIFTS - for kitchenware, such as: Hot-Pads (Bases), Coasters, Table-Mats, Trays, Bulletin-Boards, Decorative Cork Stoppers (cork bungs), etc.

 CORK FLOOR TILES - Please check for sizes in our catalog page.

 NATURAL CORK  GRIPS/PRE-SHAPED CORK HANDLES - for fishing rods and other purposes.

 CORK BALLS - for bricolage and many other applications

 CORK SANDING BLOCKS - for home repairs (sanding paper support), and ski wax, etc.

 CORK STOPPERS and many other Cork Products.

Cork products are a amazing and never ended world. If the product of your choice isn't mentioned in the above list please contact us informing the specification of the product by email or filling the special form.

Please see our general
catalog, send us your comments or ask for quotations.

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